Our Services

Physiotherapy - in clinic  

Assessment - an hour long visit with a registered Physiotherapist to identify your areas of concern and create a plan of action.  Onsite treatment, pain management, appropriate education & guidance, Kinesiology exercise & home program if appropriate. Bring all your questions as that is often the most helpful part of the day, getting answers! (Please wear comfortable clothing, shorts/tank tops to allow access to area.)

Treatment - more than enough time has been set aside for each of your appointments.  Your treatment frequency will be recommended by your therapist but jointly agreed upon.  You may receive treatment by a Physiotherapy Assistant/Kinesiologist if it's appropriate.  Home programs are always an integral part of your recovery, please put as much effort and time into them as you can.

Specialty Areas


Physiotherapy VIRTUAL 

VIRTUAL physiotherapy assessment & treatment is with our Registered Physiotherapist Heather Mighton who has 20 years of experience.   Your online session begins with the same thorough first visit as you would experience coming into our facility.  You have dedicated one on one time with your physiotherapist, but with VIRTUAL physiotherapy we use secure video conferencing in order to protect your privacy.  During your initial visit you will need to provide us with photo id, your phone number or another way of reaching you if the connection is poor. An extensive health history is taken and then we move forward into goals and managemet as appropriate.  Our video conferencing is user friendly.  All you will need is either your laptop with a camera, or a smartphone with a camera and a reliable internet connection is necessary. Your completed intake forms will have provided us with an Emergency Contact in the small chance that you require immediate assistance, emergency services will be called.

VIRTUAL physiotherapy is a great choice for those clients that are self motivated & want some individual professional physiotherapy direction.  Physiotherapists use many tools for both assessment and treatment.  Rehab performed in the clinic has the advantage of your physiotherapist being able to touch, feel and evaluate your responses to specific tests & challenges.  As a result, not all clients will be appropriate candidates for VIRTUAL physiotherapy, and some may have had better outcomes if they had attended in person with their physiotherapist.  Heather will discuss with you prior to scheduling whether VIRTUAL care is right for you.



Personal Fitness Assessment & Training

Our fitness programs are developed and monitored by certified kinesiologists with personal training certifications and training.  The assessment begins with a review of your current health, activity, and goals.  Target setting and healthy eating practices as related to your goals will also be discussed.  The information gathered is then used to individually tailor your program to your abilities and goals.  Your programs may include a portion of strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, balance, functional, or sport specific exercises to challenge you at an appropriate level. Your program is monitored and adjusted as you improve, or adapted to your changing needs such as an injury or holiday.  Common themes in program development may include weight loss, sport specific conditioning, fall prevention, or improving your general health.  Our programs are run in a small non intimidating environment with a variety of exercises to challenge you beyond the traditional gym exercises.


Rehabilitation Programs 

Working in conjunction with a physiotherapist, a comprehensive program is developed based on your needs, goals and limitations.  Our rehabilitation programs are overseen by certified Kinesiologists who develop and progress your exercises as your symptoms and abilities improve.  This will complement your individualized home program & education provided by our staff, as well as work cohesively with any programs or services you are currently receiving in your home ( ie- PSW) Doing the prescribed exercises regularly will help you to return to improved and pre-incident function quicker.