Concussion Care

Baseline Testing 

Saugeen Physiotherapy uses ImPACT® neurocognitive testing for pre-season baseline concussion tests. The computerized test measures neurocognitive functioning such as reaction time, verbal and visual memory, and impuse control. ImPACT® is the most widely used and scientifically validated neurocognitive test currently available. 

Benefits of completing the ImPACT® Baseline test:

Baseline testing can be done in a group setting or on an individual basis. It is recommended that kids under 18 complete a baseline test yearly, as their brains are developping and changing quite rapidly. Although concussions are more common in contact sports such as hockey and football, all young athletes are susceptible to sustaining a concussion. 


Post Concussion Care

Saugeen Physiotherapy has 2 trained physiotherapists available to assess and treat concussions. It is recommended that treatment for a concussion starts as soon as possible following the injury. Post Concussion care can include the same ImPACT® neurocognitive test as the Baseline, however it is not mandatory for treating a concussion.

Benefits of completing the ImPACT® Post-concussion test:

There is no standard healing timeline for a concussion. 


Saugeen Physiotherapy is pleased to support Hanover Minor Hockey  and the Hanover Barons with all their concussion needs.




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Concussion Management